TOKEN Triple8 External Bottom Bracket

TOKEN Triple8 External Bottom Bracket

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TOKEN’s Triple8 is an extremely high quality bottom bracket that was designed for use with all Shimano and SRAM GXP cranksets. The bottom bracket is precision made for durability and smoothness – and did we mention it also looks pretty fantastic!

We designed this bottom bracket so the bearings rest on the axle of the crankset to provide a straight load to the bearings, which results in a longer life for the bottom bracket. This also allows us to make the Triple8 with tighter tolerances so it runs smoother and has less friction. This means you can save your watts for thrashing your competitors or just make it up a hill with a little less suffering.

To keep the Triple8 long lasting and maintenance free, we use our patented X-Seals that keep water out of the bearings. There are multiple small seals and this reduces the friction while providing a better barrier against moisture and dirt. The bearings themselves are precision manufactured and packed in slick, waterproof grease.

All of these features combine to make the Triple8 an excellent choice for riders who place high demands on their components and expect them to perform as well as they do.


FRAME TYPE BSA Threaded (BC1.37"x24T)
CRANK TYPE Shimano (ψ24mm)
SRAM GXP (ψ24-22mm)
WEIGHT 68 g / set