TOKEN JIS Square Taper TK838HAL Cromo Axle

TOKEN JIS Square Taper TK838HAL Cromo Axle

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When designing our JIS square taper bottom bracket, we made sure we designed it to last for a long time. It is well sealed against the elements and it has a patented design that makes it impossible to over tighten the bottom bracket and damage the bearings. Durability and light weight is assured, thanks to its forged alloy cups.

To make this one of the lightest bottom brackets on the market, we use a CNC machined hollow axle.


FRAME TYPE BSA Threaded (BC1.37"x24T)
CRANK TYPE Shimano (ψ24mm)
Product Code Axle Bearing  Weight
TK838HAL Cromo axle Premium 214 g / set (103 mm)